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About Backlink Checker

Backlink Checker is a valuable online tool that provides insights into a website’s backlink profile. It allows you to analyze the quality and quantity of backlinks pointing to your site. Key features include:

  1. Referring Domains and Backlinks:

    • Discover the number of referring domains and backlinks leading to your website. These metrics help evaluate your site’s authority and popularity.
  2. Domain Rating (DR):

    • DR assesses the strength of your backlink profile. Higher DR indicates more influential backlinks.
  3. Growth Monitoring:

    • Track changes in your backlink profile over time. Observe cumulative growth or decline in referring domains.
  4. Detailed Backlink Breakdown:

    • Explore every page linking to your site. Filter by link type (dofollow/nofollow), platform, and more.
  5. Estimated Organic Traffic:

    • Understand the popularity of linking pages and domains. No other tool provides this insight.
  6. Linkworthy Pages:

    • Identify pages with high link potential. Research competitors’ most linked-to content.
  7. Outbound Links Analysis:

    • View outbound links from your site. Broken links and anchor text breakdown are also available.