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About URL Encoder / Decoder

  • URL Encoder / Decoder is a versatile tool that serves two essential purposes:

  • URL Encoding:
    • When you input a string of text, the tool encodes it into a format that is safe for use in URLs. This process replaces special characters with their corresponding percent-encoded representations.
    • For example, spaces become %20, and other reserved characters like &?, and # are encoded as well.
    • URL encoding ensures that URLs remain valid and functional, especially when they contain special characters or non-alphanumeric characters.
  • URL Decoding:
    • Conversely, the tool can also decode a URL-encoded string back to its original form.
    • If you encounter a URL with percent-encoded characters, using the decoder will reveal the human-readable version.
    • For instance, %20 decodes to a space, and %2F decodes to a forward slash (/).